Melodies Of The Rancid Meat

by Rotten Possum

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Drunken Canadian Backwoods Hillbilly Jams.

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released August 2, 2015

Swamp Man Witter: Lead Vox
Hack "N' Slash Kyle: Banjo/Guatar/ Vox



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Track Name: Swamp Boy
have you heard the tale about swampboy?
gather round children, yes even you roy
now what i am telling you aint no lie
the boy eats frogs cause hes covered flies
his skin is scaly yellow and green
that boy catches you, he'll lick your bones clean
smells like a corpse and hes covered in gunk
he comes out at night you'll hear a
"squash thump"

and before you notice you'll be dragged down
never to be found
cause theirs no-one left around
another soul lost to that deep dark swamp
Track Name: Oh Dark Lord
oh dark lordy lordy
i have sinned i went to church
my family came to town
and left me with a frown
as they dragged me off to the church
i didnt wanna go X3
but they made me do it so
i didnt wanna go X3
it was going by so slow

oh dark lordy lordy
you see they read to me that damn jesus book
they read it front to back
wish they'd kick me in the sack
oh dark lordy kill me off for good

oh dark lordy lordy
my hands are stained with good ol christian blood
id do anything for you
we could kill a god or 2
long as we bury bodies in the mud
Track Name: Blood Sabath
wondering through the woods at night
until i spot a flickering light
thought that i have found my way
confused and lost i was led astray
i crept up slowly to see whats there
blood stained women with long grey hair

witch's Sabbath there out tonight
dance and chant satanic rites

i knew that i should take my leave
they killed a man, no time to grieve

drained his blood into a chalice
and offer it up to the king of malice

shadowy figures appear all around
you see them moving but they dont make a sound
the chants get louder as i see them appear
Track Name: Nábrók (Pants Of The Dead)
we shall bond our flesh, sinew, and bone
steal me a coin, from a widow all alone
if i am to die, peel off my skin
put your legs inside the rot
let sorcery begin

and when you're bodies cold
and buried in the dirt
i'll fulfill the sacred pact
start cutting through the fetid flesh
you're bloods to dry to squirt

i'll be blessed with riches
but it comes with a price
if i remove the skin
forever plagued with lice
Track Name: Old Ones
come with me to the miskatonic university
wait for the lights to go out and you can get in free
lets read of beings that are unknown to Human Kind
knowledge not meant for us it makes you lose your mind
now i have in my possession the dreaded necronomicon
Must read more of Elder Gods and find out where they've gone

"That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die"

insanity is settling in, this knowledge is to vast
i shouldn't have stole this book but that time has long past
started hearing chanting sounds getting closer still
as we leave that horrid place we hear it loud and shrill

Iä! Iä! Shub-Niggurath! Black Goat [of the Woods] with a Thousand Young!
Iä! Iä! Shub-Niggurath! Black Goat [of the Woods] with a Thousand Young!
Track Name: Bruce Rules. chuck drools. (Fuck You Chuck Norris!)
well i don't need no army of darkness
i'll just blow a hole though your chest
with my trusty 12 gauge double barrel Remington
and if you didn't know that's my bigass gun
chuck norris is a little bitch
couldn't squash a fly with his baby fist
I've got a chainsaw and im aiming to win
and if that doesn't work
i'll pin him down with my chin

im going to run you down with my olds mobile 73'
if you try any of that wussy ass karate
i'll distract you with my eyebrow
cock my fist then "POW"
you just joined the army of the undead
you and your ugly ass ginger head

chuck norris your a living joke
i hope that you fuckin choke
on your career, your as harmless as a baby deer
your a washed up cowboy fuck thats been stuck in a 20 year rut
all your movies blow
just throw yourself into an active volcano
Track Name: Mud Gobs (Live Drunken Jam)
don't tred to far into the thicket
you'll feel my dagger when i stick it
into your neck just to drink all your blood
it starts gushing out and mixes with mud
our skin is green and and looks like bile
razor sharp teeth show when we smile
cant get enough of your bones in my stew
dont turn your back or i'll run you through

(random screams)

we hide in the trees ready to pounce
and leave no remains not even an ounce
kill all the humans and watch them all die
fleshy big chunks get baked into pie
murder is great when you do it with friends
but its not as fun when their suffering ends
the life soon fades from the eyes of the dead
and thats when we know we'll be good and fed