Rest in Space

by Seuora

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New EP of stripped down hymns to darkness from this no good, feel bad, (two) man junk band.

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released October 1, 2015

Rev. F. - Vox, guitar, bass, melodica, percussions
J. "Jugs" Backwater - Percussions

Mastered by Christopher M. Ray (Thanks Mr. C!)



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Track Name: Self
I'm eating my self from inside out
I devour my body a cell by cell

I wish I could trust at least my self
But tomorrow I might be someone else
So I ready my rifle beside my bed

Once I reached out from my deep dark abyss
Only to find out there was nobody there

And all I want now is to be no more
Please beat me to pieces and throw me away
Track Name: Rattlin' Again
Once in our day, I'll be gone, I'll be dead in the ground
But speak my name out loud and I'll be rattlin' my bones

The night's long, and its cold, and its dark outside
Hold me, I'll hold you until the sun is up

Let it rain, let it pour, let us drown in the streets
Come hell, come high water, let the tides roll in

Put me under, put me down, put me six feet in the ground
I'll dig, and I'll dig my way up from my grave

I swear I'll be back once more
I'll be
Rattling my bones
Track Name: Rest in Space
Rest in space under the stars
In the pale moonlight shine like the sun
Swim through the flat space along the astral plains
Defy gravity, shatter the timeline

Oh let the void fill your mind
Noise kill the silence on space
Our world fades as we light up the skies
look beyond the stars, rest in space

Our dreams are a bound on magnetic tapes
Set a drift to the unknow
Scared, lost, soaring thourgh space
Doomed to die alone, to rest in space

Oh astral child, please come on down
Open your third eye, share us your secrets

Oh astral child, please come on down
Open your third eye, shine your light on us
Track Name: Lord of Blight
Lord of blight
Devourer of light
Blood drips from you lips as you poison our minds
Silver tongued
Child of a machine
Angel born of night