1. The Death Roots Syndicate: Volume VI
    Various Artists

  2. The Death Roots Syndicate: Volume V
    Various Artists

  3. The Death Roots Syndicate: Volume IV
    Various Artists

  4. The End
    Various Artists

  5. The Death Roots Syndicate: Volume III
    Various Artists

  6. The Death Roots Syndicate: Volume II
    Various Artists

  7. The Death Roots Syndicate
    Various Artists

  8. R I S E
    Jessica Worms

  9. R.A.W.
    St. Äma

  10. The Complete Recordings of Roberto LeBlanc
    Roberto LeBlanc

  11. The City's Burnin' Down Tonight
    St. Äma

  12. Songs for the Late and the Lonely
    Jim Strange

  13. Lucifer Luminous; Demo MMXVI
    The Parasite Paradise

  14. Walpurgisnacht
    Sumerias Fain

  15. The Filthy Sampler
    The Filthy Spectacula

  16. OldBoy Of The Fens

  17. The Living Room Sessions
    The Forsaken Shadow

  18. Rust Sampler

  19. Delirium: A Southern Gothic Fable
    Jake McNeillie & Co.

  20. Tooth n Nail
    Dog Hand String Band

  21. S.S.M.M. vs. U.P.F.M.S.
    Sardonic Sloth / Uncle Wormwood

  22. Primitivo!
    Madd Blake & The Stalins

  23. Lazarus Men
    Sumerias Fain

  24. so ready to close my eyes
    The Last Surrealist

  25. A Hex

  26. Unstrung Hero - S.O.H.A.D.
    Sardonic Sloth's Miserable Minstrel

  27. Revisitation

  28. It's Alive! b/w Wheels Of Fire

  29. The Shower Scenes
    The Shower Scenes

  30. Uncle Piss-Foot's Medicine Show
    Uncle Wormwood's Medicine Show

  31. Rime aporetiche e mottetti alla miseria
    L'ira dell'Agnello

  32. Highway 77
    Jeremy Gilliland

  33. Coprofonia
    L'ira dell'Agnello

  34. hypogean blood fractals for a hypnagogic sleep
    The Last Surrealist

  35. Hæthenous
    Bishop and Atheist

  36. Rest in Space

  37. Melodies Of The Rancid Meat
    Rotten Possum

  38. Going Down (We're All)

  39. Ten Years of Cavebilly Swing: Greatest Hits Volume Two
    Slate Dump

  40. Daughters of the Twilight

  41. Double Axe Handle
    Captain Catfeesh

  42. One Foot On Death Road
    Bang Bang Band Girl / Trash Colapso

  43. The Haze
    The Haze

  44. The OddBeats

  45. Stripped Beaten Naked & Afraid
    t.k. bollinger

  46. Ritual Murders EP

  47. Pop Songs for Satan
    Alan Dude

  48. Número Seis
    Slate Dump

  49. Atom Bomb

  50. Man From Another Place
    M.M.S. Kaiser

  51. pelu Green puns
    The Mussy Cluves

  52. (1985-1988) Live At The Hammocks
    Metropolitan Intent

  53. O Chamado dos Espíritos
    Koti & os Grimpas

  54. Ferian
    Bishop and Atheist

  55. The Stillwater Sessions
    Ryan McKern

  56. The Witch of Glendale

  57. Crash Driver
    JB Nelson

  58. Black Claw
    Black Claw

  59. The Demonstration Recordings

  60. The Preeminent Zvook Compilation

  61. March​/​April​/​May
    Bishop and Atheist

  62. A Dark Christmas
    Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show

  63. Coming For Your Blood
    Longshot Nelson and the Disjoints

  64. Graveside Stories (Remixed & Repossessed)
    Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show

  65. a break in the day


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